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After more than four years spent in development, testing and industrial production, we are proud to introduce into the market our project

elettroformatura_icona AUROFORM

which represents the most advanced, production proven automatic gold alloy electroforming system for jewellery and watch industry.

The AUROFORM system consists of an automatic machine AUROFORM PLUS, developed and manufactured by LTC-Caoduro, and electrolytic NUFORM processes, developed and distributed by NUTEC International, both covered by international patent applications.
To reach the technological level of AUROFORM, LTC-Caoduro and NUTEC teams have involved in the project one of the most experienced technicians in the production of jewellery semi-finished parts, with the following objectives:

  • guarantee the highest weight precision ever achieved in an automatic electroforming system;
  • develop a new, dedicated software managing the new electroforming chemistry too;


  • enable the remote control of the machine/chemistry system;
  • maximize productivity, as well as reliability;
  • optimize every constructive detail, to achieve compactness and durability;
  • take maximum care of operational and safety aspects.



AUROFORM PLUS is substantially made by two working modules (the electroforming ones), with a weighing module positioned in between and serving both of them.

In the rear, the service module is positioned, with all the necessary devices and appliances for the operation of all the three modules (pumps and filters, level and temperature controls, dosing systems for all the products needed to replenish and maintain the process stability – including water – and the related reservoirs, etc.)

A new dedicated software, enables the two working modules to operate in a fully independent way, like two separate machines that only have a common weighing function.

To operate independently means that in each of the two working modules, different carat electroforming is possible, working either with rack or barrels.
For example: in one module you can deposit by rack e.g. 650 grams of 14 carat alloy, while in the other module you can simultaneously deposit by barrels e.g. 1250 grams of 18 carat alloy.


The machine is a high performance electroforming one, managed in a fully automatic way and conceived for the production of electroformed parts, targeting at the same time productivity, flexibility and maximum precision of all control parameters.

Summarizing, AUROFORM PLUS is able to:

  • process from 250 up to 1500 grams of alloy in one process;
  • obtain very good carat distribution, minimizing losses;
  • manage Cd and Cd-free NUFORM processes;
  • work with rack or barrel;
  • manage independently different weight and/or carat deposition in each module.

Thanks to an extremely “intelligent” software, even in case of a 50% error in surface calculation, the system is able to correct and drive automatically the process to the planned weight and carat,

with the GUARANTEE that:


With AUROFORM PLUS, we have converted a COMPLICATE TECHNIQUE into a SIMPLE TECHNOLOGY for jewellery and watch makers.



NUTEC can deliver to the customer a complete series of processes, with NUFORM trade mark, that can produce different gold alloy types, in various colours, from 14 to 24 carats.


Is a new generation of processes, with an international patent pending, based on cyanide but cadmium-free, that produce gold/copper alloy deposits from 14 up to 22 Kt, with more yellow colours if compared with gold/copper layers of the same carat.

Deposits, bright and nodule-free up to 500 µm thickness, are hard and ductile after annealing and show good solderability and mechanical resistance. The basic electrolyte is extremely stable and can support a high number of metal turnovers.


These cyanide based electrolytes produce a bright gold/copper alloy deposit, ranging from a pink 14 Kt up to a yellow-pinkish 22 Kt.

The base electrolyte has a good performance stability and the deposits obtained show good solderability, high hardness after annealing, ductility and strong mechanical resistence.


These electroforming processes, producing 22 and 24 carat gold deposits, are 100% free from cyanides, either free or complexed, and fully comply with all international specifications on safety and health (RoHS) related to environment and operators.

In particular, NUFORM CNF 24 carat, thanks to the hardness (180-220 Vickers) and high mechanical resistance of its deposit,
unusual for a pure gold process, can be used to electroform jewellery parts.

For these particular and innovative kinds of processes, based on a special sulphite gold complex, NUTEC can give the gold solution specifications and the functional control procedure for testing it before use. If needed, NUTEC can supply the gold sulphite complex solution too, at 100 g/l gold concentration.


Strongly relying in the competence and experience of its professional leading team, NUTEC is proud to introduce for the first time to the jewellery market a Result Guarantee Package (RGP) proposal.

In the past years, jewellers have been trying several time to have an industrial approach on gold alloy electroforming technique but, most of the time, failed due to the lack of result driven, turnkey proposals through which the customer could be guided and supported in obtaining consolidated and guaranteed production and quality results.

NUTEC team has seriously thought at this and has decided to take this challenge!

If, despite the bad situations directly or indirectly experienced in the past, you are still willing to ascertain, with ZERO risk, that gold jewellery electroforming can be a consistent hollow jewellery production technique, please, just mail us your references and give NUTEC a chance to prove it.

After a clear definition of your needs, you will get a Result Guarantee Package proposal and decide, then, if you want to make this experience.


With the sole commitment of purchasing the above Package only when the previously agreed product specifications are clearly achieved, you will realize how this is true!


elettroformatura_icona NOBICOT & NOBIFORM

In one of the most advanced decorative area, “bronze age” is back!Since years, the people involved in the fashion accessories finishing are looking for valid alternatives to the materials actually used to produce objects like, for example, shoe, bag and belt complements, eyewear inserts, clothing fasteners, etc.

Depending on quality level and type of application required, brass and zinc die-cast are the core materials generally employed for their realization.
But, unfortunately, with some limitations like, e.g., major cost and more difficult workability for lead-free brass, as well as surface aspect and welding issues as far as zinc die-cast is concerned.
Without considering the specific gravity of brass, that often compels the manufacturers to alternatively use aluminium alloys, widely known as “non-easy-to-plate materials”, when, for example, bag chains and handles are concerned.

Trying to overcome these drawbacks, NUTEC has developed NOBICOT, a zinc die-cast preparation process before finishing, and NOBIFORM electroforming system, both of them object of a patent application.
The first one, born to improve zinc die-cast aspect and make it solderable, the second, addressed to control the weight of the metal parts, as in the above mentioned case, avoiding at the same time to plate aluminium alloys.


The solution proposed by NUTEC are summarized in the presentation here below.
If you are interested in having more details on the subject, please, register and contact us.


galvanoplastica_icona NUAGFORM

Sil 1

The cyanide-free silver electroforming is possible!

We have certainly not been the first to develop cyanide-free silver plating solutions, but we are surely among the first to propose an alkaline silver electroforming electrolyte that operates at current densities comparable to those of cyanide based baths, thus maintaining a good level of industrial applicability.Being dedicated to the jewellery, decorative objects and idol markets. NUAGFORM silver electroforming process takes into account their peculiar requirements: high deposit brightness, whiteness at low current density area, good ductility at very high thickness. NUAGFORM can be also supplied in the “SF” version, producing a satin deposit with an “opalescent glaze” effect, particularly required in the production of objects like furnishings, holy images, etc., besides jewellery components.

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