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Galvanoplastics and precious finishes

galvanoplastica_icona-1 PRECIOUS METALS PROCESSES

NUTEC owns a wide choice of precious metals finishing processes

Although NUTEC International are especially concentrating in products, processes and equipment for some specific technologies, like gold alloy electroforming for jewellery and watches, bronze alloys for fashion accessories and costume jewellery, the multi-decades attitude of the team to be committed to development and application of precious metals processes, makes possible to promote a series of tested and qualified products, particularly suited to this more and more demanding branch of the decorative electroplating.

In fact, electrolytes are available for the deposition of most of the precious metals and their alloys, divided in single lines defined as NUBOND, NUCLAD, NUFLASH, NUPAL E NUPALOY, NURHOD, NUTHEN, NUCLAG, NULOY and others, which enable to complete the range of precious finishes functional to luxury items manufacturing and general decorative industry.
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