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attivita_iconaNUTEC International Srl arises with the aim of delivering to customers, in the fields of jewellery electroforming and luxury items finishing, the synergies born from the integration of multi-decades experience of each component of the team.
The desire, still alive after years, of a group of professionals, who have been working since decades in surface finishing and jewellery fields, to measure themselves with the market by proposing to customers solutions strictly tailored on their specific needs, drove us to recently review techniques and systems already used in the past and make them match the actual industrial production requirements.
We came up, even thanks to the availability of valued customers, with a series of results that, in some cases, enabled the team to apply for international patents concerning:

  • equipments, like AUROFORM PLUS and AUROFORM MONOLITH, fully automatic machines for gold alloy electroforming;
  • precious metals processes, like NUFORM and NULOY, for low carat gold plating and electroforming;
  • fine metal processes, like NOBIFORM, for bronze electroforming, and NOBICOT, a new system to appraise some base materials widely used in metal accessories manufacturing.


Equipments and products for gold and bronze electroforming

  • Automatic electroforming machines AUROFORM PLUS and AUROFORM MONOLITH
  • Acid cleaning integrated cabin
  • Mandrel preparation & plating line

Equipments for precious & non precious metals recovery

  • NUREC, various capacity, high performance electro-winning machines


Equipments for Gold Potassium Cyanide (GPC 68% gold) production

  • NU-SALT MAKER, to get 1,5 ÷ 3,0 Kg of pure GPC 68% gold salt in 24 hours

Electrolytic processes for gold, silver and bronze electroforming

  • NUFORM GC, cyanide based, gold alloy electrolyte for 14, 18,and 22 carat
  • NUFORM KDF, cadmium-free, cyanide based gold alloy electrolyte for 14, 18 and 22 carat
  • NUFORM CNF, cyanide free, gold alloy electrolyte for 22 and 24 carat
  • NUAGFORM, cyanide & cyanide-free based, bright & satin silver electrolytes
  • NOBIFORM, cyanide based, ductile yellow-red bronze electrolyte

Electrolytic processes for precious/fine metals ad their alloys deposition

  • NUFLASH, cyanide-free, thin layer, coloured gold (gold alloy) electrolytes
  • NUBOND, acid gold strike electrolytes
  • NUCLAD, acid, high carat gold (or gold alloy) electrolytes for thick plating with normalized colour (e.g. NIHS)
  • NULOY, low carat gold thick plating electrolytes (underlayer or finish)
  • NUPAL, pure palladium electrolytes
  • NUPALOY, alloyed palladium electrolytes
  • NUTHEN, acid ruthenium electrolytes
  • NURHOD, acid, smartly bright rhodium electrolyte
  • NUCLAG, cyanide & cyanide-free silver electrolytes
  • NOBICOT, cyanide based, ductile yellow-red bronze electrolyte

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” (A. Einstein)

NUTEC put available its own people’s experience & competence in providing you with innovative turnkey systems for jewellery electroforming and fashion accessory finish.
Don’t ask NUTEC products or machines, pretend guaranteed tangible results!

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