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18 karat gold electroforming, lines and processes for electroforming

18 karat gold electroforming, lines and processes for electroforming

18 karat gold electroforming: the jewellery industry prizes 18 karat gold for its warm, rich colour that doesn’t fade over time and the fact it doesn’t rust, tarnish or corrode. However, it does scratch and dent easily, and is also prone to bending and misshaping.

This is where 18 karat gold electroforming comes into its own and at Nutec we have been developing our cutting edge Auroform Monolith automatic machine. We have listened to the jewellery industry and, together with our high-performance technicians, we have developed production lines and processes for electroforming to provide a state-of-the-art production line.

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By talking with our customers, we have also understood the importance of producing not just beautiful items, but ones that are immaculately clean. With this in mind we have become experts in chemical cleaning with our Nuclean Pro cleaning system, a technique that not only provides advanced monitoring and safety sensors, but also a safe working environment for operators.

Auroform Monolith for 18 karat gold electroforming

Here at Nutec we know that the benefits of new technology in any industry can be clouded by suspicion and people foreseeing problems.

With something as personal and creative as jewellery, these doubts can be intensified. However, with our engineering expertise and knowledge, we are well aware of the importance of providing support and advice to our customers every step of the way.

When you install our Auroform Monolith and other auxiliary machines for 18 karat gold electroforming. We know it is just as important to provide you with expert engineers who can guide you in how best to use the machine and suggest various operational options throughout the production lines and processes for electroforming.

From the development and use of mandrels to the intricacies of the settings, our engineers will be on hand to provide you with the expertise and training required to produce the finest and most exquisite jewellery and luxury items for your customers.

Technological expertise

18 karat gold electroforming, lines and processes for electroformingWith our Auroform Monolith and Nuclean Pro machines you will have the technological expertise to create fine, hollow items in complex, three-dimensional shapes.

A variety of items can be produced at once, whether large or small, delicate or chunky, and producing them is both economical and safe. The metal input and consumption are kept to a minimum and there are no gold losses, meaning that these machines are cost-effective, a distinct advantage in today’s precarious economy.


18 karat gold electroforming provides extraordinary opportunities for creative and lightweight jewellery at a cost that is affordable to everyone. This process makes it possible to reproduce things found in nature, e.g. flowers, leaves and even something as delicate as a cobweb.

Be it a bespoke and unique item, or a collection of chains, necklaces or other jewellery, if you use our production lines and processes for electroforming the world is – quite literally – your oyster.

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