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21 karat gold electroforming, electrolytic finishing processes for precious metals

21 karat gold electroforming, electrolytic finishing processes for precious metals

21 karat gold electroforming: In the world of fashion jewellery, manufacturers are usually mainly concerned with the aesthetic aspects of their products. They want their creations to look good. But if they want to advance in the industry, they need to learn a little science and understand the art of gold electroforming.

The distinct advantage over older traditional methods, is that it is possible to produce light, hollow objects with a far more intricate design than before. It is the perfect technique for big pieces of jewellery which would otherwise be heavy. Now large, intricate pieces are no longer a problem, and are much lighter than you would expect them to be when you look at them.

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With the help of this new technology, you can produce elegant jewellery with highly intricate details which until now have been impossible to achieve. Nothing is too complicated. Anything is possible. You can now fulfil both your own and your customers’ dreams. With electrolytic finishing processes for precious metals, jewellery makers can produce designs that live up to the modern customer’s expectations.

Nutec is an innovative company that can help with this, thanks to its specifically designed AUROFORM MONOLITH and NUCLEAN PRO machines.


21 karat gold electroforming is a complex process that involves layers of precious or non-precious metals being deposited around a mandrel. There are several stages to the process and if you want to create the perfect piece of jewellery, you need to understand them all.

When you purchase our AUROFORM MONOLITH and NUCLEAN PRO machines, you are also acquiring Nutec’s expertise and training in all of the electrolytic finishing processes for precious metals. Nutec will be at your side every step of the way. Our advanced technology guarantees a successful outcome in all your jewellery making.

In the highly competitive jewellery business, this is beneficial to your overall profits. Not only will you save money and materials, but you will also be able to produce exquisite items which will satisfy your customers’ needs again and again. And this means that your sales will increase.

Nutec is on hand to help first timers in the business with the installation and operation of its machines. With us by your side, nothing can go wrong. Nutec will tailor its expertise to fit your needs. Tell us your manufacturing dreams, and we will help you realise them.

21 karat gold electroforming in the world of jewellery design

21 karat gold electroforming, electrolytic finishing processes for precious metalsNutec has designed the AUROFORM MONOLITH and NUCLEAN PRO machines to help you provide what your customers need. It has made 21 karat gold electroforming an art form. Nutec is an expert in all electrolytic finishing processes for precious metals and its machines are used to make jewellery and watches all over the world. All of the processes are patented.

The AUROFORM MONOLITH has a high precision weighing system which is important in all electrolytic finishing processes for precious metals. With this kind of precision, you can’t go wrong. The automation software covers all the stages of 21 karat gold electroforming. The entire process can be viewed through glass panels, ensuring the safety of the operator.


Both your operators and profits are safe with these wonderful machines. Your manufacturing costs will be lower and because everything runs so smoothly, you will save time as well. And at the end of the process, you will have elegant pieces of jewellery, which can be endlessly reproduced thanks to this reliable system.

Nutec exports its machines all over the world and their expertise is behind many of the wonderful, intricate jewellery designs you see in different countries. Nothing is too complicated for these new modern methods. Contact us for more information about 21 karat gold electroforming and electrolytic finishing processes.

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