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24 carat hard gold electroforming

24 carat hard gold electroforming

24 carat hard gold electroforming is a special technique used for improving the hardness and wear resistance of 24 carat gold jewellery. This is necessary as traditional 24 carat gold jewellery is soft and deforms quite easily.

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Electroforming is a manufacturing process that involves the application of layers of precious or non-precious metals around a metal mandrel. It is fast becoming a popular process in gold jewellery manufacturing. While it bears some similarities, electroforming is a far more advanced technology than electroplating. Gold and its alloys are some of the best metals for the electroforming process.

Hard gold electroforming makes it possible for jewel makers to produce lightweight 24 carat gold jewellery that is stronger than the traditional versions. This includes gold pendants, gold chains, gold rings, gold bracelets and gold anklets.

Two major advantages of hard gold electroforming in the manufacture of decorative gold objects is the production of sections that are far thinner than can be achieved with casting and the almost perfect reproduction of surface detail. This method of forming 24 carat hard gold electroforming.


Hard gold electroforming is the perfect technology solution for producing stronger, more hardy ultra-small, ultra-precise 24 carat gold jewellery. The technology offers exciting creative opportunities for jewellery designers as they improve their craft.

Advancement in electroforming technology now makes it an easier quicker jewellery making process.

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