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VO+ interview with Italo Caoduro and Simone Batti

Merging the expertise of two historical companies – LTC Caoduro and GAB in Arezzo – gave rise to the brand Nutec International, and from there, the only electroforming system in the world that saves precious metal and gives free rein to creativity.

Electrochemical and galvanic coating specialization on one side and electroforming on the other. With these so highly specific skills, Italo Caoduro and Simone Batti were destined to meet and begin collaborating. So much so that, for about 20 years, they worked towards a project that finally became reality in 2014 under the Nutec International brandAuroform Monolith. This system is currently the only one in the world that makes industrial electroforming automation easy and technically accessible even for those with no experience or specific competence in this technique.

To find out what it is, the first question comes naturally…

How and when did your adventure in the jewelry world begin?

I.C.: «LTC Caoduro in Vicenza was initially established as a company focused on high-tech systems for treating a variety of surfaces, from functional to decorative, reel to reel, and including water and fume treatment. The company only places over 30 years’ experience at the client’s disposal but also project innovation and executive precision, with remote control management and monitoring systems. Being located in the heart of a quintessential gold district, we absolutely had to make room for the jewelry sector too. To be precise, the opportunity arose in 1998 when, speaking with Simon, we had the idea of uniting forces and skills in order to achieve one mutual objective: to create something revolutionary in the industry. LTC contributed with all its automation and system management know-how while GAB, founded by Simone, added the electroforming expertise.»

Wednesday 29 july 2020, by Lorenza Scalisi

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