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21 karat gold electroforming, electrolytic finishing processes for precious metals

21 karat gold electroforming: In the world of fashion jewellery, manufacturers are usually mainly concerned with the aesthetic aspects of their products. They want their creations to look good. But if they want to advance in the industry, they need to learn a little science and understand the art of gold electroforming.

The distinct advantage over older traditional methods, is that it is possible to produce light, hollow objects with a far more intricate design than before. It is the perfect technique for big pieces of jewellery which would otherwise be heavy. Now large, intricate pieces are no longer a problem, and are much lighter than you would expect them to be when you look at them.

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With the help of this new technology, you can produce elegant jewellery with highly intricate details which until now have been impossible to achieve. Nothing is too complicated. Anything is possible. You can now fulfil both your own and your customers’ dreams. With electrolytic finishing processes for precious metals, jewellery makers can produce designs that live up to the modern customer’s expectations.

Nutec is an innovative company that can help with this, thanks to its specifically designed AUROFORM MONOLITH and NUCLEAN PRO machines.


21 karat gold electroforming is a complex process that involves layers of precious or non-precious metals being deposited around a mandrel. There are several stages to the process and if you want to create the perfect piece of jewellery, you need to understand them all.

When you purchase our AUROFORM MONOLITH and NUCLEAN PRO machines, you are also acquiring Nutec’s expertise and training in all of the electrolytic finishing processes for precious metals. Nutec will be at your side every step of the way. Our advanced technology guarantees a successful outcome in all your jewellery making.

In the highly competitive jewellery business, this is beneficial to your overall profits. Not only will you save money and materials, but you will also be able to produce exquisite items which will satisfy your customers’ needs again and again. And this means that your sales will increase.

Nutec is on hand to help first timers in the business with the installation and operation of its machines. With us by your side, nothing can go wrong. Nutec will tailor its expertise to fit your needs. Tell us your manufacturing dreams, and we will help you realise them.

21 karat gold electroforming in the world of jewellery design

21 karat gold electroforming, electrolytic finishing processes for precious metalsNutec has designed the AUROFORM MONOLITH and NUCLEAN PRO machines to help you provide what your customers need. It has made 21 karat gold electroforming an art form. Nutec is an expert in all electrolytic finishing processes for precious metals and its machines are used to make jewellery and watches all over the world. All of the processes are patented.

The AUROFORM MONOLITH has a high precision weighing system which is important in all electrolytic finishing processes for precious metals. With this kind of precision, you can’t go wrong. The automation software covers all the stages of 21 karat gold electroforming. The entire process can be viewed through glass panels, ensuring the safety of the operator.


Both your operators and profits are safe with these wonderful machines. Your manufacturing costs will be lower and because everything runs so smoothly, you will save time as well. And at the end of the process, you will have elegant pieces of jewellery, which can be endlessly reproduced thanks to this reliable system.

Nutec exports its machines all over the world and their expertise is behind many of the wonderful, intricate jewellery designs you see in different countries. Nothing is too complicated for these new modern methods. Contact us for more information about 21 karat gold electroforming and electrolytic finishing processes.

Electroforming, manual & automated electroforming machines

Electroforming: over the years, the demand for gold jewellery and watches has increased thanks to the more affordable prices of a wide range of exquisite and outstandingly crafted pieces.

Everyone knows that gold’s outstanding beauty and metallic lustre are a way of displaying wealth and prestige.

Technological breakthroughs in electroforming techniques have contributed greatly to the affordability of gold items, with manual & automated electroforming machines leading the way. Here at Nutec, we are proud of our Auroform Monolith machine.

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In collaboration with LTC-Caoduro, the Auroform Monolith was carefully designed by our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians, using input from our clients, to create a leading electroforming process for the jewellery and watch industry.

Auroform Monolith and the electroplating process

Electroforming, manual & automated electroforming machinesUnlike the electroplating process, the new automated electroforming machines are designed for mass production. Although manual machines are capable of producing high-quality items, they are not capable of mass production.

The jewellery and watchmaking industry has gone from being a small, almost cottage industry, to a large-scale one, and – as has happened in other sectors – this has helped the industry to advance. Technology has also advanced and we have listened to our clients requests for new technological solutions to their production needs. As more and more jewellers and watchmakers expand into the global market, the need for mass production has increased.

We believe that the Auroform Monolith is the solution to all our clients’ needs, because it is capable of mass production, while still producing delicate, yet durable items.

Our electroforming machines

There is room for both manual & automated electroforming machines in the industry. Manual electroforming is usually used by small-scale enterprises, where the operator uses a small tank and a battery, and has to calculate the weight, size etc themselves.

This can be a very complex process and naturally it is extremely time consuming. The fact that it is a manual process increases the likelihood of errors, which can be both risky and costly. Not to mention the handling of chemicals, contact with fumes and inadequate ventilation, which are all potential safety hazards.


The Auroform Monolith has been specifically designed to be fully automated, and has an advanced and extremely accurate weighing system. Its incredible precision makes it possible to faithfully reproduce even the most detailed object, for example a flower.

The operator places the items on the rack, enters the required specifications – weight, surface area, etc. – and then presses a button to start the machine, which then performs the processes automatically, making the entire production process less complex and much quicker. It is now possible for our clients to produce an entire collection of beautiful, delicate items in just 14 hours. Contact us for more information about electroforming and manual & automated electroforming machines.

Gold alloy electroforming, jewellery & watches electroforming

Gold alloy electroforming: since time immemorial, gold has been fashioned and used in all four corners of the world. Craftsmen and craftswomen have hammered and manipulated this shiny metal to make anything from coins to receptacles and objects to display wealth and power.

Today, craftsmen and craftswomen mainly use their skills to produce gold jewellery and, of course, gold wrist watches. Unfortunately, the likelihood of wear and damage to purer gold items means that it is an unsuitable metal for the fine and intricate details and components that are required.

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This is why the technique of electroforming gold alloy is leading the way in the jewellery and watchmaking industries, and Nutec’s Auroform Monolith and Nuclean Pro machines are leading exponents in providing technological expertise to the electroformed jewellery & watches industry.

Our cutting-edge machines for electroforming gold alloy have been developed and perfected by our expert engineers and technicians, in collaboration with our customer base.

Auroform Monolith and Nuclean Pro machines

Gold alloy electroforming, jewellery & watches electroformingElectroformed jewellery & watches are created entirely through electroforming, which must not be confused with electroplating, where the metal layer that is deposited becomes a permanent part of the original object.

Electroforming isn’t a new technology, but advancements in this field have led to the development of more streamlined and controllable machines, at the same time improving health and safety factors and respecting the environment.

However, these advancements have not taken everything into consideration, in particular the materials that are requisite for electroforming jewellery & watch. These include a rectifier to convert AC into DC, a rack to hold the items to be electroformed, electroforming solution, soluble and insoluble anodes and, of course, a tank.

We of course designed and integrated all of these into compact, safe machines, namely the Auroform Monolith and the Nuclean Pro.

Automation for electroforming gold alloy

The Auroform Monolith has a high precision electronic weighing system that reduces processing times considerably. Once the mandrels have been created and loaded into the racks, the operator enters the values for the weight, surface area and carats, then starts the machine and steps back.

The machine is automatic and performs all the necessary processes to produce strong, lightweight and durable jewellery and watch parts according to the required specifications. The racks then reposition themselves to be rinsed. This is done with deionised water, which then recycles back into the electrolyte, thereby ensuring that no gold is lost during the process.


The Auroform Monolith allows for a wide range of items to be processed in one cycle, permitting mass production. We are well aware that the jewellery industry and in particular the watchmaking industry, require delicacy and dexterity to produce their precise and intricate components.

The Auroform Monolith is the ultimate automated machine for electroforming gold alloy with precision and consistency throughout the entire production process, thereby satisfying the high demands of our clients and their customers, contact us for more information about gold alloy electroforming.

18 karat gold electroforming, lines and processes for electroforming

18 karat gold electroforming: the jewellery industry prizes 18 karat gold for its warm, rich colour that doesn’t fade over time and the fact it doesn’t rust, tarnish or corrode. However, it does scratch and dent easily, and is also prone to bending and misshaping.

This is where 18 karat gold electroforming comes into its own and at Nutec we have been developing our cutting edge Auroform Monolith automatic machine. We have listened to the jewellery industry and, together with our high-performance technicians, we have developed production lines and processes for electroforming to provide a state-of-the-art production line.

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By talking with our customers, we have also understood the importance of producing not just beautiful items, but ones that are immaculately clean. With this in mind we have become experts in chemical cleaning with our Nuclean Pro cleaning system, a technique that not only provides advanced monitoring and safety sensors, but also a safe working environment for operators.

Auroform Monolith for 18 karat gold electroforming

Here at Nutec we know that the benefits of new technology in any industry can be clouded by suspicion and people foreseeing problems.

With something as personal and creative as jewellery, these doubts can be intensified. However, with our engineering expertise and knowledge, we are well aware of the importance of providing support and advice to our customers every step of the way.

When you install our Auroform Monolith and other auxiliary machines for 18 karat gold electroforming. We know it is just as important to provide you with expert engineers who can guide you in how best to use the machine and suggest various operational options throughout the production lines and processes for electroforming.

From the development and use of mandrels to the intricacies of the settings, our engineers will be on hand to provide you with the expertise and training required to produce the finest and most exquisite jewellery and luxury items for your customers.

Technological expertise

18 karat gold electroforming, lines and processes for electroformingWith our Auroform Monolith and Nuclean Pro machines you will have the technological expertise to create fine, hollow items in complex, three-dimensional shapes.

A variety of items can be produced at once, whether large or small, delicate or chunky, and producing them is both economical and safe. The metal input and consumption are kept to a minimum and there are no gold losses, meaning that these machines are cost-effective, a distinct advantage in today’s precarious economy.


18 karat gold electroforming provides extraordinary opportunities for creative and lightweight jewellery at a cost that is affordable to everyone. This process makes it possible to reproduce things found in nature, e.g. flowers, leaves and even something as delicate as a cobweb.

Be it a bespoke and unique item, or a collection of chains, necklaces or other jewellery, if you use our production lines and processes for electroforming the world is – quite literally – your oyster.

Contact us now for more information about 18 karat gold electroforming!

14 karat gold electroforming, holhollow & light weight jewellery & decorative objects

Gold! Throughout history 14 karat gold electroforming has been a prized possession. It is colourful and bright, as well as durable to the point of being virtually indestructible. It is highly malleable, beautifully crafted and delicate, and throughout time it has been used to display wealth and power.

However, although it is an ideal precious metal to hammer into thin sheets and draw into wire, its malleability makes it unsuitable for most uses in the jewellery and luxury goods industry. The fact that it is a very soft metal means that it doesn’t retain its shape if used for intricate details, or provide a secure foundation for stone settings, preventing its use for hollow & light weight jewellery & decorative objects. However, thanks to today’s technology, jewellers are now able to use this beautiful metal safely.

This technology is called electroforming and Nutec is a renowned world leader in this exciting field. Our Auroform Monolith 14 Karat gold electroforming machine (also for 18 and 21 karat gold) and our Nuclean Pro cleaning system, provide you with all the technology you need to create stunning and intricate jewellery.

Nuclean Pro and gold electroforming

14 karat gold electroforming, holhollow & light weight jewellery & decorative objects14 karat gold electroforming is not to be confused with the more commonly known process of electroplating, where just one layer of gold is fused over a base metal. Electroforming is a far more complex process, but by installing one of our Auroform Monolith machines, manufacturers will be at the cutting edge of the fine jewellery and luxury goods industry.

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Along with the state-of-the-art Nuclean Pro cleaning system, designed to provide an air treatment system not just for the protection of the operator, but also for the environment, we are able to supply everything a company needs to produce enhanced hollow & light weight jewellery & decorative objects. A base metal is first applied to a mould, better known as a fusible alloy mandrel. This is folhollowed by a layer of gold and finally a protective coating.

Once this process has been completed, the alloy mandrel is then melted out, thereby resulting in hollow & light weight jewellery & decorative objects that are not only strong, but also exquisitely beautiful. Although we have only spoken about 14 karat gold electroforming, our Auroform Monolith also gives you the option of choosing either 18 or 21 karat gold, simply by altering the settings.

With our technology, those who manufacture fine jewellery and objects will find themselves spoilt for choice with all the new ideas and designs they can choose from.

The 14 karat gold electroforming machine

We know that with new technology like the Auroform Monolith and the Nuclean Pro, there are new systems and processes to learn. At Nutec International we pride ourselves in our customer support and after care service.


Not only was the Auroform Monolith designed and created by our leading technicians, thanks to their many years of experience, but also with the help of our customers, who have let us know the trials and tribulations they experience in the production of hollow & light weight jewellery & decorative objects. We believe that providing the right help at the right time can make the difference between success and failure, not just for the customer, but also for the company.

Our team will be on hand from the moment your 14 karat gold electroforming machine is installed. They will be there to help you with the initial training and any problems you may have once the machine is up and running, helping you realise your full potential in creating high quality, intricate and delicate hollow & light weight jewellery & decorative objects.

Do you want more information on 14 karat gold electroforming? Contact us now!

Electroforming equipment, electrolytic processes for gold and other precious metals

An innovative piece of electroforming equipment: our company has always been proud of its achievements in the field of surface finishes for jewellery and luxury goods.

It would be easy for us to sit back and rest on our laurels. But our team is not like that. We strive to create new and improved methods and processes to provide our customers with up-to-date equipment that is tailored to meet their needs. In recent years the technicians at LTC-Caoduro and NUTEC have been working to create an innovative piece of electroforming equipment that performs electrolytic processes for gold and other precious metals. Their extensive and unparalleled experience in the field of jewellery electroforming and finishing has provided them with invaluable knowledge and industry specific skills.

Furthermore, our extensive experience in production and customer interaction has provided us with a greater understanding of customer expectations. This cooperation has made it possible for us to develop the Auroform Monolith.

Auroform Monolith and electroforming equipment

Electroforming equipment, electrolytic processes for gold and other precious metalsWhen our previous machine, the Auroform Plus, was first launched, it was hailed as the most advanced and reliable electroforming machine for gold and other precious metals. We wanted to draw on the more than thirty years of experience of our developers and take electroforming to the next level.

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We believe that we have now achieved these high standards with our new electroforming machine, which was developed to enhance productivity whilst at the same time maintaining resilience and compactness. The Auroform Monolith takes electrolytic processes for gold and other precious metals to a new and improved level of paramount precision. The accuracy of this ground-breaking electroforming machine was never been achieved in earlier automatic systems.

This new piece of equipment deposits between 250 and 1500 grams of alloy in one cycle whilst ensuring unprecedented carat distribution. The Auroform Monolith performs electrolytic processes for gold and other precious metals effectively and efficiently whilst ensuring the maximum saving of gold. This new machine is not only time-effective, but also has an excellent price-performance ratio.

At Nutec we value our customers

The Auroform Monolith has been carefully designed to be both simple and easy to use, the operator places the mandrels onto the rack that then slides into the machine drawer. The operator then ensures that the correct data is entered into the machine. This information consists of the carat size, the surface area and the weight of the object(s) to be processed.

Once this is done, the Auroform Monolith electroforming machine is ready to start at just the click of a button. At this point, the machine takes full control. We know that errors can occur and therefore, in the event of a miscalculation regarding the mandrels, this new piece of equipment has highly sophisticated, operative software enabling it to detect erroneous surface calculations. It will then automatically recalculate the data and carry out the necessary adjustments.


Once the machine has performed the rinsing process, which uses deionised water to minimise gold losses in the drag-out, the rack is taken out of the machine until the next step in the production process. At Nutec we value our customers and aim to provide them with techniques and systems that meet all their industrial production requirements.

Do you want more information on electroforming equipment? Contact us now!

Electroforming process for jewellery industry, karat gold electroforming

Electroforming process for the jewellery industry: 24 carat gold is beautiful, of course, and can be beaten into sheets or drawn out as wire, but it is too soft to be used for most of the other purposes in the jewellery industry. You cannot set a diamond in it for instance; it is not strong enough to hold a stone. It also cannot retain its shape in any complicated or intricate design.

Electroforming process for jewellery industryEven a simple ring would be likely to bend or break. That is why most jewellers use lower carat gold, most commonly 9, 18 or 22. Modern technology has changed all this though and found a way of harnessing the beauty of 24 carat gold without being hampered by its fragility and impracticability. This is the electroforming process for the jewellery industry. Electroforming must not be confused with electroplating. It is not just one layer coating a base metal. It is more complicated.

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With this new technology more creative options are available. Pieces can be intricate and delicate. You can also produce them in large quantities. Nutec can help with the right machines and expertise to bring out your creativity and increase your profits.

AUROFORM MONOLITH: electroforming process for the jewellery industry

In the method known as electroforming, the finished item is created using layers of precious and non-precious metals followed by a final protective coating. You start with a form of the piece you intend to create.

Base metal is applied first to a fusible alloy mandrel which then has a layer of gold applied, and finally a protective coating. The alloy mandrel then has to be melted out. The resulting jewellery pieces are hollow and light and can be wonderfully intricate as a result of this process. In 14-18-21 karat gold electroforming the malleable gold is the central layer. The whole process creates hard and strengthened pieces of jewellery. Anything is possible.

The machine enables you to define specific 14-18-21 karat gold electroforming by the settings chosen on the control panel. It’s the new way forward for mass manufacture of beautiful items of jewellery.

NUCLEAN PRO for 14-18-21 karat gold electroforming

Nutec has everything you need for your production line. Manufacturers must gain expertise in the electroforming process for the jewellery industry, and there are great advantages to be gained from doing so.

Electroforming harnesses the beauty of gold without any of its drawbacks. With the new technology your work is stronger and more intricate than before, and it is easier to produce beautiful jewellery in very large quantities.

14-18-21 karat gold electroforming is a mass production method. You can fill your orders fast. NUCLEAN PRO will fulfil all your cleaning needs in karat gold electroforming. Residual metal must be recovered from the mandrels with acids and it can be done in total safety for the operator.


Everything is behind glass windows. Cleaning is also a vitally important part in the electroforming process. NUCLEAN PRO is the right machine for this and has the full back-up of Nutec and its training and expertise. Using it alongside the AUROFORM MONOLITH you cannot go wrong. Both are designed to be simple to operate. They will considerably increase your profitability.

Do you want more information on electroforming process for the jewellery industry? Contact us now!

Electroforming expertise & competence, electroforming training & know-how

Nutec is a young innovative company that can give your business a helping hand with electroforming expertise & competence.

If you are in the world of jewellery manufacturing and choose to buy one of their machines, you can take advantage of all their electroforming competence. You don’t just buy the machine you also buy their electroforming training & know-how.

Electroforming is a complex process involving several steps. It is not easy. In the past, some manufacturers abandoned the process due to lack of knowledge of what is involved, which is a great shame. With fuller knowledge this need never happen.

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With Nutec and its fine machines and expertise, customers are able to verify the technology for themselves and understand everything that is involved in successful electroforming. With the right machines and training, automatic industrial electroforming creates a situation where you can repeat results with precision and save gold in the process.

It is electroforming that works. It is reliable time after time. With the right machinery and the right electroforming training & know-how you can make a consistent investment and then reap the benefits in your business.

AUROFORM MONOLITH and electroforming expertise & competence

Electroforming expertise & competence, electroforming training & know-how

Nutec are the manufacturers of the AUROFORM MONOLITH, an unrivalled automatic machine. It is the most advanced machine in gold alloy electroforming. It is used all over the world in jewellery and watch-making.

With the machine comes all the Nutec electroforming training & know-how and their network of partnerships in many areas around the world. These professional partners boast a wealth of experience. The technology, combined with this experience and training, helps you realise your dreams. It is all part of Nutec’s electroforming expertise & competence.

The AUROFORM MONOLITH allows you to deposit a variable amount of metal during one process, varying from 250 to 1500 grams of alloy. The machine has superb weighing accuracy compared to automatic systems of the past and is a great deal more precise than them. With this machine and the Nutec electroforming training & know-how, you have greater production flexibility and also ensure that the desired carat is obtained.

This means you are saving gold at the same time. It all helps your business move towards total efficiency.

NUCLEAN PRO and electroforming training & know-how

You have the same back-up and electroforming training & know-how when it comes to using NUCLEAN PRO.

The automation software covers all the different stages of the process: monitoring the cleaning, giving precise product recipes and treatment times, monitoring the operating conditions and disposal of used cleaning solutions. The electroforming expertise & competence are all part of the Nutec deal. That is how it is.

In fact, the NUCLEAN PRO process is fully automated. Metal residues must also be removed with a mix of acids from the mandrel on which the jewellery or jewellery components are placed. With this machine it is all done in safe conditions with no risk to the operator. It used to be a much riskier business.


Everything can be viewed through the windows giving the operator total safety and protection from dangerous fumes. The cleaning chemicals are also pumped in and out of the tanks automatically. They are controlled from the main panel.

It is all part of Nutec’s electroforming expertise & competence, contact us now.

Karat gold electroforming

Karat gold electroforming: in the world of jewellery and watch design it is important to have support at every step of the way. It dictates the difference between failure and success. It is not enough just to have the right machines.

For the best electroforming engineering expertise & know-how, getting the right help is also a key factor in the manufacturing process.

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With Nutec International you get that support at every stage of karat gold electroforming. They can help you produce the fantasy designs you have always wanted. They bring out the creative genius in you. Doing it well cuts costs and makes everything more profitable.

This is the way to have a successful company and returning customers. There is an exchange of ideas in electroforming engineering expertise & know-how. Nutec has spent years developing the machines their customers need and they can help you realise your dreams and produce the best lines in gold electroforming. The lines that will keep on selling forever.

Karat gold electroforming with our AUROFORM MONOLITH

Karat gold electroforming, electroforming engineering & expertise & know-howThe AUROFORM MONOLITH has been developed to help you make the best products possible in gold electroforming. It is an automatic machine, with just one module for both deposit and weighing.

It is covered by an international industrial patent, Nutec can refine your manufacturing process with the right electroforming engineering expertise & know-how. The machine has been developed for both ease of use and also accuracy during the manufacturing process.

Safety is another consideration in karat gold electroforming. These days you just have to load the machine and input some details before pressing Start. The operator is completely safe throughout the process. You can’t go wrong using this type of electroforming engineering expertise & know-how.

Nutec can provide supervision of every stage in the production line. They can suggest various actions to improve different aspects of the process, such as the visual appearance, the carat, the weight, the productivity.

As well as the machine, they can supply the right NUFORM chemistry. This is part of their electroforming engineering expertise & know-how. The AUROFORM SYSTEM ensures that the right equipment and products give customers the best results in karat gold electroforming.

NUCLEAN PRO: electroforming engineering expertise & know-how

NUCLEAN PRO is the ideal machine to use for all your cleaning needs during the gold electroforming process. Materials and components need safe acid-cleaning as part of the process to make jewellery or watch components.

This is the right machine to do the job and it has all the right safety requirements, fully backed up by Nutec’s electroforming engineering expertise & know-how. So, nothing can go wrong during the process.

Gold electroforming components are placed in the loading drawer and then the cleaning cycle can be launched. As an added precaution, an automatic hoist moves the material to tanks inside according to the settings the operator has input.


This is a great safety feature. Everything can be viewed through windows during the karat gold electroforming process, meaning the operator is fully protected throughout.

NUCLEAN PRO protects the operator from the fumes generated during the process, while allowing supervision and ensuring high quality products at the end of the process.

Contact us for more information about karat gold electroforming and discover now our electroforming engineering expertise & know-how.

Electroforming and decorative finishing, gold alloy electroforming

NUTEC is a young company in the field of electroforming and decorative finishing. Its mission is to transfer knowledge to its customers and help them get the results they want in gold alloy electroforming. Well-structured solutions are a key to improving efficiency as well as supplying the best equipment for gold alloy electroforming.

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While the machines are simple to use, it is best if customers avail themselves of the expertise on hand as it can help throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our company offers on-hand installation for first-timers as well as supervision of the production line and advice on improving quality, and other targets that customers may have at each stage of the electroforming and decorative finishing process.

Nutec has built up a partnership network that enables them to offer support in many areas around the world. Some of these professionals have decades of experience in the jewellery business. Nutec knows everything about gold alloy electroforming and tailors their solutions specifically to a customer’s needs.

Nutec has applied for international patents on all the processes involved in electroforming and decorative finishing, and aims to please its customers and give them the best results.

AUROFORM MONOLITH for electroforming and decorative finishing

Electroforming and decorative finishing, gold alloy electroformingBy cooperating with their customers, NUTEC has created a unique automatic machine, the AUROFORM MONOLITH. It is the most advanced machine in the business for electroforming and decorative finishing.

It is manufactured by LTC-Caoduro and is distributed by NUTEC International. These companies spent a couple of years developing it with the help of world experts in gold alloy electroforming of jewellery components.

Good results had already been achieved with their AUROFORM PLUS, but the AUROFORM MONOLITH now has fantastic weighing accuracy due to its process of introducing the electrolyte density value at the weighing stage, which means the former processing time is reduced. The electronic balance system is also protected from the vapours that develop during the gold alloy electroforming process.

Consequently, it is altogether more efficient. After loading the racks and inputting some identifying data: weight, surface and carat, the operator simply clicks Start and the rest is automatic after that.

The racks reposition themselves and everything is rinsed with deionised water, which then recycles into the electrolyte. In this way no gold is lost during the process. It is altogether more efficient than previous methods.

NUCLEAN PRO and gold alloy electroforming

Nutec are also experts in chemical cleaning with NUCLEAN PRO. It is the ideal equipment for cleaning components that are manufactured by electroforming and decorative finishing.

All safety requirements are observed for the acid cleaning and rinsing of products made by gold alloy electroforming. Once the products are in the drawer and the cleaning cycle is launched the machine does the rest.


The entire process is monitored throughout. There are safety sensors in place. There are specific recipes and treatment times for the products involved in the process. Everything is done safely, right down to disposing of the used solutions at the end. The operator is fully protected throughout.

NUCLEAN PRO collects the fumes and keeps the working area safe. The windows enable supervision while protecting the operator. The chemicals in the acid cleaning process are pumped in and out of tanks by a system which is controlled entirely from the main panel. Safety is important.

Contact us for more information about electroforming and decorative finishing and discover now our know-how.

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