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Bright silver electroforming

Choose Bright Silver Electroforming For a Reliable, Cost-Effective Alternative

At NUTEC we take the utmost care to provide the best and most reliable series of processes, and our bright silver electroforming process is one of the high-demand services we offer.

Silver is one of the more preferable metals used in electroforming applications to produce jewellery and furnishings (e.g. idles, statues, etc.). One of the advantage is that the bright silver electroforming process is fast, so it’s possible to execute orders timeously and reliably.

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Bright silver electroforming is often preferred to gold electroforming, especially due to its much lower price.

The bright silver electroforming process we supply enables to create components that have a high electrical and thermal conductivity, which make it ideal for electrical (switch gear) and electronic components, as they can be used in a wide variety of high humidity environment applications.

Silver is an inherently malleable and ductile precious metal, therefore it is extremely popular in antiques decoration and jewellery-making applications, because it’s possible to create complex shapes, hollow items or even exact reproductions of a desired object in this precious metal.

By carefully managing the silver electroforming process, a matt or a mirror bright finish can be obtained, according to customer’s specifications.

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