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Chemical cleaning – NUCLEAN PRO

NUCLEAN PRO is the automatic equipment for acid cleaning and rinsing of electroformed jewellery with all the safety requirements.

The electroformed material to be processed is placed into the loading drawer of the machine.

Once the cleaning cycle is launched, the automatic hoist moves the material to the required tanks following the process settings.

The automation software eases the management of:

• Cleaning process monitoring;
• Product specific working recipes;
• Treatment time;
• Process operating conditions;
• Safety sensors;
• Make-up of cleaning solutions;
• Dumping of spent cleaning solutions.



To grant the required quality and karat level of the electroformed products, any residual of metal from the mandrel has to be removed by using a mix of acids.

NUCLEAN PRO is designed to collect the fumes to the air treatment system, enhancing safety in the working area.

The protection window barriers allow the process supervision while protecting the operator from the fumes.

To further improve operator safety, the chemicals required to the cleaning process are pumped in and out of the process tanks with a system controlled by the main panel.





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