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Electroforming and decorative finishing, gold alloy electroforming

Electroforming and decorative finishing, gold alloy electroforming

NUTEC is a young company in the field of electroforming and decorative finishing. Its mission is to transfer knowledge to its customers and help them get the results they want in gold alloy electroforming. Well-structured solutions are a key to improving efficiency as well as supplying the best equipment for gold alloy electroforming.

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While the machines are simple to use, it is best if customers avail themselves of the expertise on hand as it can help throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our company offers on-hand installation for first-timers as well as supervision of the production line and advice on improving quality, and other targets that customers may have at each stage of the electroforming and decorative finishing process.

Nutec has built up a partnership network that enables them to offer support in many areas around the world. Some of these professionals have decades of experience in the jewellery business. Nutec knows everything about gold alloy electroforming and tailors their solutions specifically to a customer’s needs.

Nutec has applied for international patents on all the processes involved in electroforming and decorative finishing, and aims to please its customers and give them the best results.

AUROFORM MONOLITH for electroforming and decorative finishing

Electroforming and decorative finishing, gold alloy electroformingBy cooperating with their customers, NUTEC has created a unique automatic machine, the AUROFORM MONOLITH. It is the most advanced machine in the business for electroforming and decorative finishing.

It is manufactured by LTC-Caoduro and is distributed by NUTEC International. These companies spent a couple of years developing it with the help of world experts in gold alloy electroforming of jewellery components.

Good results had already been achieved with their AUROFORM PLUS, but the AUROFORM MONOLITH now has fantastic weighing accuracy due to its process of introducing the electrolyte density value at the weighing stage, which means the former processing time is reduced. The electronic balance system is also protected from the vapours that develop during the gold alloy electroforming process.

Consequently, it is altogether more efficient. After loading the racks and inputting some identifying data: weight, surface and carat, the operator simply clicks Start and the rest is automatic after that.

The racks reposition themselves and everything is rinsed with deionised water, which then recycles into the electrolyte. In this way no gold is lost during the process. It is altogether more efficient than previous methods.

NUCLEAN PRO and gold alloy electroforming

Nutec are also experts in chemical cleaning with NUCLEAN PRO. It is the ideal equipment for cleaning components that are manufactured by electroforming and decorative finishing.

All safety requirements are observed for the acid cleaning and rinsing of products made by gold alloy electroforming. Once the products are in the drawer and the cleaning cycle is launched the machine does the rest.


The entire process is monitored throughout. There are safety sensors in place. There are specific recipes and treatment times for the products involved in the process. Everything is done safely, right down to disposing of the used solutions at the end. The operator is fully protected throughout.

NUCLEAN PRO collects the fumes and keeps the working area safe. The windows enable supervision while protecting the operator. The chemicals in the acid cleaning process are pumped in and out of tanks by a system which is controlled entirely from the main panel. Safety is important.

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