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Electroforming engineering & expertise & know-how

Electroforming engineering & expertise & know-how

The trending concept in product design today involves fluid shapes consisting of flowing lines. By all indications, this will remain case for years to come. Electroforming engineering & expertise & know-how plays a vital role in the world of product design.

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Jewellers are increasingly buying into the concept and the results are tremendous. Quicker production, speed to market, better quality, reduced cost on retail items, less costly production along with increased innovation and creativity are some of the major benefits enjoyed by those with electroforming engineering & expertise & know-how.

Whether a novice or an established designer, keeping abreast of the latest technological developments and changes in the industry is the best method for protecting your craft and remaining competitive.

There are a number of resources, including online courses out there that are geared towards helping aspirants, be it electroformers, jewelers, designers, artists or crafters to develop their electroforming engineering & expertise & know-how skills and attributes. There are even websites where professionals share their experience and give tips on how to succeed in your craft.


NUTEC International is committed to supplying jewellers across the globe with the necessary equipment and products for advancing their craft. Our electroforming machine, the AUROFORM MONOLITH, is a new advanced, automatic gold alloy electroforming system that is user-friendly and effectively saves on production time and to helps to reduce the costs of finished jewelry items.

This is of major benefit to both the jeweller and the consumer.

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