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Electroforming expertise & competence

Electroforming expertise & competence

The electroforming process is ideal for dealing with complex jewellery articles with intricate designs. Jewelry manufacturers who have technical electroforming expertise & competence enjoy a number of benefits for their craftsmanship. We will make mention of five such benefits, but before we do, let’s take a look at the electroforming process and what it entails.

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The electroforming is a mass production technique that involves several steps of depositing layers of precious or non-precious metals around a metal mandrel to form it in the shape of the desired finished item.

Process: after applying a layer of base metal to a fusible alloy mandrel, a layer of precious metal is applied to the layer of base metal. This is followed by the application of a third layer of a non-metallic protective coating to the layer of precious metal after which the fusible alloy mandrel is melted out to create the hollow in the article.


Now let for the advantages of having electroforming expertise & competence:
1. Electroforming is an ideal method for creating lightweight, hollow jewelry and other decorative and functional metal articles.
2. Electroforming is ideal for creating complex and intricate designs.
3. Electroforming is ideal for strengthening 24 carat gold pieces which are characteristically weak and quite deforms easily.
4. Electroforming expertise & competence allows jewellers expand their creativity and to produce innovative designs.
5. Jewellers are able to produce cost effective pieces in a much faster and effective manner.

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