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Electroforming, manual & automated electroforming machines

Electroforming, manual & automated electroforming machines

Electroforming: over the years, the demand for gold jewellery and watches has increased thanks to the more affordable prices of a wide range of exquisite and outstandingly crafted pieces.

Everyone knows that gold’s outstanding beauty and metallic lustre are a way of displaying wealth and prestige.

Technological breakthroughs in electroforming techniques have contributed greatly to the affordability of gold items, with manual & automated electroforming machines leading the way. Here at Nutec, we are proud of our Auroform Monolith machine.

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In collaboration with LTC-Caoduro, the Auroform Monolith was carefully designed by our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians, using input from our clients, to create a leading electroforming process for the jewellery and watch industry.

Auroform Monolith and the electroplating process

Electroforming, manual & automated electroforming machinesUnlike the electroplating process, the new automated electroforming machines are designed for mass production. Although manual machines are capable of producing high-quality items, they are not capable of mass production.

The jewellery and watchmaking industry has gone from being a small, almost cottage industry, to a large-scale one, and – as has happened in other sectors – this has helped the industry to advance. Technology has also advanced and we have listened to our clients requests for new technological solutions to their production needs. As more and more jewellers and watchmakers expand into the global market, the need for mass production has increased.

We believe that the Auroform Monolith is the solution to all our clients’ needs, because it is capable of mass production, while still producing delicate, yet durable items.

Our electroforming machines

There is room for both manual & automated electroforming machines in the industry. Manual electroforming is usually used by small-scale enterprises, where the operator uses a small tank and a battery, and has to calculate the weight, size etc themselves.

This can be a very complex process and naturally it is extremely time consuming. The fact that it is a manual process increases the likelihood of errors, which can be both risky and costly. Not to mention the handling of chemicals, contact with fumes and inadequate ventilation, which are all potential safety hazards.


The Auroform Monolith has been specifically designed to be fully automated, and has an advanced and extremely accurate weighing system. Its incredible precision makes it possible to faithfully reproduce even the most detailed object, for example a flower.

The operator places the items on the rack, enters the required specifications – weight, surface area, etc. – and then presses a button to start the machine, which then performs the processes automatically, making the entire production process less complex and much quicker. It is now possible for our clients to produce an entire collection of beautiful, delicate items in just 14 hours. Contact us for more information about electroforming and manual & automated electroforming machines.

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