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Electroforming process for jewellery industry

Electroforming process for jewellery industry, karat gold electroforming

Electroforming process for the jewellery industry: 24 carat gold is beautiful, of course, and can be beaten into sheets or drawn out as wire, but it is too soft to be used for most of the other purposes in the jewellery industry. You cannot set a diamond in it for instance; it is not strong enough to hold a stone. It also cannot retain its shape in any complicated or intricate design.

Electroforming process for jewellery industryEven a simple ring would be likely to bend or break. That is why most jewellers use lower carat gold, most commonly 9, 18 or 22. Modern technology has changed all this though and found a way of harnessing the beauty of 24 carat gold without being hampered by its fragility and impracticability. This is the electroforming process for the jewellery industry. Electroforming must not be confused with electroplating. It is not just one layer coating a base metal. It is more complicated.

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With this new technology more creative options are available. Pieces can be intricate and delicate. You can also produce them in large quantities. Nutec can help with the right machines and expertise to bring out your creativity and increase your profits.

AUROFORM MONOLITH: electroforming process for the jewellery industry

In the method known as electroforming, the finished item is created using layers of precious and non-precious metals followed by a final protective coating. You start with a form of the piece you intend to create.

Base metal is applied first to a fusible alloy mandrel which then has a layer of gold applied, and finally a protective coating. The alloy mandrel then has to be melted out. The resulting jewellery pieces are hollow and light and can be wonderfully intricate as a result of this process. In 14-18-21 karat gold electroforming the malleable gold is the central layer. The whole process creates hard and strengthened pieces of jewellery. Anything is possible.

The machine enables you to define specific 14-18-21 karat gold electroforming by the settings chosen on the control panel. It’s the new way forward for mass manufacture of beautiful items of jewellery.

NUCLEAN PRO for 14-18-21 karat gold electroforming

Nutec has everything you need for your production line. Manufacturers must gain expertise in the electroforming process for the jewellery industry, and there are great advantages to be gained from doing so.

Electroforming harnesses the beauty of gold without any of its drawbacks. With the new technology your work is stronger and more intricate than before, and it is easier to produce beautiful jewellery in very large quantities.

14-18-21 karat gold electroforming is a mass production method. You can fill your orders fast. NUCLEAN PRO will fulfil all your cleaning needs in karat gold electroforming. Residual metal must be recovered from the mandrels with acids and it can be done in total safety for the operator.


Everything is behind glass windows. Cleaning is also a vitally important part in the electroforming process. NUCLEAN PRO is the right machine for this and has the full back-up of Nutec and its training and expertise. Using it alongside the AUROFORM MONOLITH you cannot go wrong. Both are designed to be simple to operate. They will considerably increase your profitability.

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