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Electroforming process layout & sequence

Electroforming process layout & sequence

Electroforming process layout & sequence is an electrolytic process that allows manufacturers to create reproducible metallic parts that have a high level of accuracy and good mechanical properties.

There are two main disadvantages of electroforming:

  1. The non-uniform thickness distribution and
  2. The high time of processing.

The electroforming process layout & sequence involves several progressive steps of applying layers of precious or non-precious metals around a metal mandrel.

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Here’s a step-by-step break down of the electroforming process layout & sequence.

  • Step one: A thin metallic shell (a layer of base metal) is deposited onto a fusible alloy mandrel from which it will later be released.
  • Step two: A layer of precious metal is deposited onto the base metal.
  • Step three: A third layer of a non-metallic protective coating is deposited onto the layer of precious metal.
  • Step four: The metallic article is released from the fusible alloy mandrel.

The electroforming process layout & sequence allows manufacturers the legacy of innovation and speed for the production of metallic shells. Jewellers are better able to design and manufacture metallic shells with better thickness uniformity within far less time than was possible with the traditional method of electroforming.

Due to its effectiveness and time-saving capabilities, electroforming continue to gain widespread acceptance as the preferred technique for the production or reproduction of articles within various industries, to include the jewellery and medical industry.


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