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Electroforming Technology Package

Electroforming Technology Package – What to Look For and Know

When it comes to the process of electroforming to produce jewellery items, decorative accessories, watches, etc., the technology behind that process is the backbone of the success of gold alloy electroforming. An electroforming technology package that assists in successful delivery of quality gold alloy electroforming is the Result Guarantee Package (RGP) proposal.

Result Guarantee Package (RGP) – The technological Approach to Gold Alloy Electroforming

The Result Guarantee electroforming technology Package is a turnkey solution package that has been devised to prioritize customer needs and meet their specification requirements. This package proposal is a result-driven turn-key one, designed to guide the customer towards combined and consistent production, with superior quality results.

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Why consider the Result Guarantee Package (RGP) Turnkey Proposal?

As a result-driven turnkey electroforming technology package, one thing that stands out is the complete customization option available, to clearly define customers’ requirements.

The advantages of the RGP electroforming technology package are:

  • As a customer you call the shots – your specifications and requirements will result in a final jewellery product of your choice
  • The RGP proposal comes with a Zero risk condition that, as a customer, you can be comforted by. It is an assurance that your gold electroformed jewellery will be of outstanding standard

The electroforming technology package is one of a kind! Contact us to know more about it!

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