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Electroforming training & know-how

Electroforming training & know-how

Jewellery makers are generally not concerned with the scientific aspects of electroforming. Even so, if they are to advance their craft, it is of vital important that they gain a comprehensive level of electroforming training & know-how.

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In the jewelry making industry, gold and gold alloy electroforming is used as an alternative manufacturing process to microcasting. The process is used for producing a variety of decorative items. Its distinct advantage over traditional casting techniques in jewelry manufacturing is its capability of producing lightweight hollow objects that are thinner and more elaborate in design.

With adequate electroforming training & know-how, jewel makers are better able to master what has now become the choice technique for jewellery making. Electroforming is an ideal option for producing large gold jewellery articles with an interesting and appealing design that will capture the attention of today’s jewellery customer.

Another plus for using the electroforming process is that toxic heavy metals such as cadmium can be excluded from the manufacturing process. Yet another advantage is that the technique can be used to strengthen very high carat golds like 24 carat.


Electroforming allows for the production of sizeable items in high caratages yet at a relatively low weight. Jewellery makers who take the time to empower themselves with the necessary electroforming training & know-how are better able to produce high quality jewellery articles that meet and satisfy customer expectations.

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