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Empty jewellery & decorative objects

Empty jewellery & decorative objects

Today’s jewellery market is flooded with what are deemed to be design jewelleries at affordable costs to customers. Many jewellers struggle with the pace of mass production and presenting customers with quality products at a reduced cost. Electroforming, a modern technique used to produce empty jewellery & decorative objects is a proven solution.

SEE ALSOHollow jewellery & decorative objects

NUTEC International, a world leading jewellery-making machines and products manufacturer helps jewellers to maximise on this and other techniques for improving production time and product quality. We supply jewelers with the finest quality empty jewellery & decorative objects for creating innovative and current jewellery designs that satisfies customer expectations.

Electroforming is a modern step-by-step technique of applying layers of precious or non-precious metals around a metal mandrel:

  1. a layer of base metal is applied to a fusible alloy mandrel;
  2. a layer of precious metal is applied to the layer of base metal;
  3. a third layer of a non-metallic protective coating is then applied to the layer of precious metal;
  4. the fusible alloy mandrel is melted out to create the hollow in the tube and complete the process.

The resulting hollow metallic article could be anything from lovely hollow-form bracelets, to rings, chains or even brooches. Electroforming allows jewellers to increase their productivity and achieve quality results.


NUTEC International is committed to supplying jewellers across the globe with the necessary equipment and products, including empty jewellery & decorative objects, for advancing their craft and to help keep the costs of finished jewelry items reasonable for the benefit of the consumers.

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