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Equipment and chemicals for gold electroforming

Equipment and chemicals for gold electroforming

The process of gold electroforming to produce jewellery is a sophisticated one that involves hi-tech equipment and software in order to streamline and simplify an otherwise complex process. The equipment and chemicals for gold electroforming are better explained here below.

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Auroform Monolith: Equipment and Chemicals for Gold Electroforming

Auroform Monolith is an automatic electroforming machine that produces high quality gold alloy deposits onto mandrels of products such as jewellery items and watch parts. The Auroform machine has a high weighing precision output for gold alloys. Auroform MONOLITH machine operates electrolytic deposition and weighing in the same working tank, ensuring extremely high carat distribution on the parts and process time reduction.

More on Equipments and Chemicals for Gold Electroforming

Nuform chemicals are cyanide-based electrolytic processes that produce gold alloy deposits varying between 14 and 24 carats. Nuform KDF produces gold alloy deposits that are cadmium-free. Nuform GC gives gold/copper deposits that range from pink to yellow-pinkish depending on the carat. Nuform CNF is a different kind of Nuform chemical process that is 100% cyanide-free.

The equipment and chemicals for gold electroforming produce high quality, light weight and ductile semi-finished parts for amazing jewellery products.

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