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Gold alloy electroforming, jewellery & watches electroforming

Gold alloy electroforming, jewellery & watches electroforming

Gold alloy electroforming: since time immemorial, gold has been fashioned and used in all four corners of the world. Craftsmen and craftswomen have hammered and manipulated this shiny metal to make anything from coins to receptacles and objects to display wealth and power.

Today, craftsmen and craftswomen mainly use their skills to produce gold jewellery and, of course, gold wrist watches. Unfortunately, the likelihood of wear and damage to purer gold items means that it is an unsuitable metal for the fine and intricate details and components that are required.

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This is why the technique of electroforming gold alloy is leading the way in the jewellery and watchmaking industries, and Nutec’s Auroform Monolith and Nuclean Pro machines are leading exponents in providing technological expertise to the electroformed jewellery & watches industry.

Our cutting-edge machines for electroforming gold alloy have been developed and perfected by our expert engineers and technicians, in collaboration with our customer base.

Auroform Monolith and Nuclean Pro machines

Gold alloy electroforming, jewellery & watches electroformingElectroformed jewellery & watches are created entirely through electroforming, which must not be confused with electroplating, where the metal layer that is deposited becomes a permanent part of the original object.

Electroforming isn’t a new technology, but advancements in this field have led to the development of more streamlined and controllable machines, at the same time improving health and safety factors and respecting the environment.

However, these advancements have not taken everything into consideration, in particular the materials that are requisite for electroforming jewellery & watch. These include a rectifier to convert AC into DC, a rack to hold the items to be electroformed, electroforming solution, soluble and insoluble anodes and, of course, a tank.

We of course designed and integrated all of these into compact, safe machines, namely the Auroform Monolith and the Nuclean Pro.

Automation for electroforming gold alloy

The Auroform Monolith has a high precision electronic weighing system that reduces processing times considerably. Once the mandrels have been created and loaded into the racks, the operator enters the values for the weight, surface area and carats, then starts the machine and steps back.

The machine is automatic and performs all the necessary processes to produce strong, lightweight and durable jewellery and watch parts according to the required specifications. The racks then reposition themselves to be rinsed. This is done with deionised water, which then recycles back into the electrolyte, thereby ensuring that no gold is lost during the process.


The Auroform Monolith allows for a wide range of items to be processed in one cycle, permitting mass production. We are well aware that the jewellery industry and in particular the watchmaking industry, require delicacy and dexterity to produce their precise and intricate components.

The Auroform Monolith is the ultimate automated machine for electroforming gold alloy with precision and consistency throughout the entire production process, thereby satisfying the high demands of our clients and their customers, contact us for more information about gold alloy electroforming.

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