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Gold alloy electroforming

Gold alloy electroforming

Gold alloy electroforming of jewellery has proven over the years to be an effective way of producing high quality, light jewellery products. With the aim to continuously produce cutting edge jewellery products, we have conceived a system for gold alloy electroforming.

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Auroform System

The Auroform System is a cutting edge, advanced automatic gold alloy electroforming system for jewellery and other accessories such as watches and miniatures. It includes a machine that operates automatically, called Auroform Monolith. This machine operates in such a way to obtain the highest weighing accuracy of the gold alloys deposited. And more: it also gives a final product that is compact and durable. Auroform Monolith has a software that fully controls the electroforming process, finally bringing to the desired alloy carat.


Nuform is a series of gold alloy electroforming processes, that consist of electrolytes that are cyanide based (with the exception of Nuform CNF variant, which is 100% cyanide free), producing different gold alloy types ranging from 14 to 24 carats. Not only that, but they come in various colour shades. There are three different Nuform variants in this electroforming system that you need to know: Nuform KDF, Nuform GC and Nuform CNF.

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