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Gold savings & accurate carat

Gold savings & accurate carat

Gold savings & accurate carat in the jewellery and watch industry

Achieving gold savings & accurate carat in the jewellery and watch industry across the globe has improved, but continues to present some challenges for the global jewellery and watch industry.

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Gold trade is an intricate activity that comes with its own challenges, to include fast-paced weighing and the frequent changing of work areas. Due to the challenging conditions in which they operate, having the right tools is a must for traders of gold and precious stones.

The need for reliable scales to enable gold savings & accurate carat during jewellery production is no less important for jewellery makers if they are to survive and maximise on their investment.

NUTEC International technicians, through their collaboration with LTC-Caoduro and from taking onboard feedback from customers, have produced a new automatic machine that is reflective of their dedicated work and research in gold alloy electroforming.

The AUROFORM MONOLITH is new advanced, automatic gold alloy electroforming system that is user-friendly, produces precise weight measurement and promotes error-free operation.

The AUROFORM MONOLITH’s delivery on reliable weighing accuracy for gold savings & accurate carat is achieved through the automatic measuring and 1307introduction of the electrolyte density value during the weighing process.


The direct weighing in of the electrolyte results in consistent reduction in process time and the electronic balance is totally protected from the extremely aggressive vapours produced during the work process.


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