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Karat gold electroforming, electroforming engineering & expertise & know-how

Karat gold electroforming

Karat gold electroforming: in the world of jewellery and watch design it is important to have support at every step of the way. It dictates the difference between failure and success. It is not enough just to have the right machines.

For the best electroforming engineering expertise & know-how, getting the right help is also a key factor in the manufacturing process.

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With Nutec International you get that support at every stage of karat gold electroforming. They can help you produce the fantasy designs you have always wanted. They bring out the creative genius in you. Doing it well cuts costs and makes everything more profitable.

This is the way to have a successful company and returning customers. There is an exchange of ideas in electroforming engineering expertise & know-how. Nutec has spent years developing the machines their customers need and they can help you realise your dreams and produce the best lines in gold electroforming. The lines that will keep on selling forever.

Karat gold electroforming with our AUROFORM MONOLITH

Karat gold electroforming, electroforming engineering & expertise & know-howThe AUROFORM MONOLITH has been developed to help you make the best products possible in gold electroforming. It is an automatic machine, with just one module for both deposit and weighing.

It is covered by an international industrial patent, Nutec can refine your manufacturing process with the right electroforming engineering expertise & know-how. The machine has been developed for both ease of use and also accuracy during the manufacturing process.

Safety is another consideration in karat gold electroforming. These days you just have to load the machine and input some details before pressing Start. The operator is completely safe throughout the process. You can’t go wrong using this type of electroforming engineering expertise & know-how.

Nutec can provide supervision of every stage in the production line. They can suggest various actions to improve different aspects of the process, such as the visual appearance, the carat, the weight, the productivity.

As well as the machine, they can supply the right NUFORM chemistry. This is part of their electroforming engineering expertise & know-how. The AUROFORM SYSTEM ensures that the right equipment and products give customers the best results in karat gold electroforming.

NUCLEAN PRO: electroforming engineering expertise & know-how

NUCLEAN PRO is the ideal machine to use for all your cleaning needs during the gold electroforming process. Materials and components need safe acid-cleaning as part of the process to make jewellery or watch components.

This is the right machine to do the job and it has all the right safety requirements, fully backed up by Nutec’s electroforming engineering expertise & know-how. So, nothing can go wrong during the process.

Gold electroforming components are placed in the loading drawer and then the cleaning cycle can be launched. As an added precaution, an automatic hoist moves the material to tanks inside according to the settings the operator has input.


This is a great safety feature. Everything can be viewed through windows during the karat gold electroforming process, meaning the operator is fully protected throughout.

NUCLEAN PRO protects the operator from the fumes generated during the process, while allowing supervision and ensuring high quality products at the end of the process.

Contact us for more information about karat gold electroforming and discover now our electroforming engineering expertise & know-how.

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