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Lines and processes for electroforming

Lines and processes for electroforming

Electroforming is an highly accurate addictive manufacturing process that allows for the production of high quality semi-finished jewellery pieces with clearly defined lines and designs, as well for producing luxury items with decorative finishing. The process increases the metal’s capability to withstand higher temperatures, therefore improving on precision, tolerance, and cost-effectiveness. Using the right equipment to set-up accurate lines and processes for electroforming in jewellery making is a key to improve operational efficiency and produce high-quality pieces.

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Our team of skilled technicians combine their experience and competence to provide you with innovative turn-key systems for jewellery electroforming and fashion accessory finish.

Understanding Lines and Processes for Electroforming

Electroforming is the go-to technology for any company seeking to improve their operations through innovation. Whether prototyping or working with high-precision metal, electroforming gets your products to the market faster and better.

NUTEC automatic machines speed-up the electroforming process, allowing for increased production of jewellery, or the metal-forming process, where a metal is grown by electrodeposition onto a substrate. The electrolytic bath is used to deposit metals, or their alloys (for example silver, gold or bronze) onto a conductive patterned surface.

In electroforming, the metal can be grown as thick as the customer wants. In the industry, the model on which the metal is built is called mandrel. The mandrel is typically removed after the completion of the plating process. The mandrel may have conductive and non-conductive areas. The metal will only deposit on the conductive areas. The mandrel material inside can easily be removed and the result is a hollow product with holes, slots or any shape you prefer.

Raising the Bar for Lines and Processes for Electroforming with NUTEC, achieve high precision and replicability with additive manufacturing, remove limitations in design with electroforming, make the right choice between etching and electroforming.

Raise the bar on precision, tolerance, cost-effectiveness and increased production capability with electroforming. Discover why electroforming is your go-to technology for the innovation of your company.

NUTEC machines and products raise the bar and allow for lead time reduction at every critical step of the electroforming process. Contact us!

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