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Low & light weight jewellery & decorative objects

Low & light weight jewellery & decorative objects

Electroforming is the absolute ideal technique for producing low & light weight jewellery & decorative objects in mass amounts. Introduced to the jewellery industry just over a decade ago, the electroforming technique has evolved and grown exponentially over the years. There were admittedly many hiccups as the process was time consuming and manual.

SEE ALSOManual & automatic electroforming machines

Advancement in electroforming technology now make it possible for jewellers to produce jewellery and accessories on a larger scale, and more safely. Combining the technique with other techniques also provide great results for improving the resistance and endurance of, as well as for resizing pieces like rings, necklaces and bangles.

Electroforming is the most effective process for achieving the ideal balance of product innovation and originality along with attractive retail prices for low & light weight jewellery & decorative objects. Electroformed jewellery have triggered a jewellery style evolution in the global industry. These styles range from traditional to conventional to classic to avante-garde.

As globalisation continues to bring cultures and people together, an ever increasing number of young to mature people from both rural and urban areas enjoy easy access to affordable low & light weight jewellery & decorative objects.

The pressure therefore increases on jewellers to produce innovative jewellery designs that satisfy an ever increasing consumer base across borders. The coming together of people across the globe results in cultures influencing each other.


Electroforming technique offers jewellers the ideal advantages of speed of production and flexibility in innovation and creativity. The ability to produce jewellery on a large scale using hollow three-dimensional and interlaced shapes is a definite advantage.

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