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Manual & automatic electroforming machines

Manual & automatic electroforming machines

Electroforming requires equipment that are specially designed for the process. Unlike is the case with electroplating equipment, manual & automatic electroforming machines are designed for mass production.

SEE ALSOLow & light weight jewellery & decorative objects

More so the automatic machines as multiple pieces can be done with the manual machines but not at the mass production level. The old form of electroforming was very complex and time consuming. Advancement in the process and machines now makes it less complex and quicker, with the possible completion time for a batch of karat gold electroforms being within 14 hours.

AUROFORM MONOLITH automatic machines are the most advanced technology solutions for jewellery and watch electroforming. The automated control system is cost-effective, allows for large-scale production, improves the quality of the finished product, provides comprehensive records, and increases safety.

So what are the differences between manual & automatic electroforming machines? Small scale electroforming equipment can include a small bath, battery and manual calculations. The automated process is computer controlled and best suited for operations where several baths will be used and when precision is required.

AUROFORM MONOLITH was specifically developed for mass production and is based on one working electroforming modules which is supported by a weighing system.


Both manual & automatic electroforming machines allows for multiple pieces to be done at the same time, but the automatic machines allows mass production. This was not possible with conventional electroplating machines.

The AUROFORM MONOLITH was developed through years of collaborative work between NUTEC International Srl professionals and LTC-Caoduro.

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