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A step ahead to the best compromise between technology and appearance.

The development of new, cadmium-free gold alloy electroforming processes, despite EEC had announced with a certain anticipation the banning of toxic metals, was proven to be a much more complicate operation than forecasted.

The substitution of cadmium with an element that could ensure an acceptably stable cathode efficiency versus current density ratio all along the electrolyte lifetime, to obtain 14 up to 22 Kt gold alloys with, possibly, a deposit colour comparable to the gold-copper-cadmium one, has been the objective of NUTEC partners during the last two years.

Last year, NUTEC International have applied for a patent concerning a gold-copper process, called NUFORM KDF, that, based on the carried out tests, shows an extremely high stability of the efficiency versus current density ratio during its operative life, and a non markedly pink colour of the 18 Kt alloy.

From a chemical point of view, NUFORM KDF is easy to manage and eliminates the drawbacks encountered in state-of-the-art gold-copper processes like, e.g., poor number of MTO.

NUFORM KDF does perfectly integrate in AUROFORM automatic machines where, thanks to the extremely sensitive parameters control, a higher number of MTOs is achieved, together with an exceptional carat distribution.


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