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AUROFORM SYSTEM now patented!

AUROFORM machine has obtained an international patent due to its highly innovative solutions.

AUROFORM, the most advanced and reliable machine concept for the industrial production of high quality electroformed gold alloy items, is now protected by an international patent, fully complying with the inventive step, novelty and industrial applicability.

The project is the outcome of a teamwork of professionals, NUTEC and LTC Caoduro, that have put in the project their more than thirty years experience in plating machine fabrication and surface finishing process management, with the commitment to realise a fully automatic machine which could:

  • guarantee the highest weghing precision ever achieved in an automatic system
  • manage at best the new NUFORM electroforming processes and improve their working life
  • enable, even by remote, an interactive control of the process during its running
  • have production flexibility, reliability and durability
  • be compact and modular in any constructive detail
  • express maximum levels of operator friendship and safety.

The AUROFORM system is composed of the AUROFORM PLUS automatic machine and of NUFORM electrolytes, the most recent one of which is actually object of an international patent application.

A one of a kind combination of mechanics, electronics and chemistry able to guarantee an unparalleled precision in the control of all process parameters and launch a new challenge to the industrial production of electroformed jewellery.

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