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Our know-how

Experience and competemce at customer’s disposal.

NUTEC‘s objective is to transfer to the customer the necessary knowledge to guarantee their operational independence and maximum quality of the produced jewellery.

For this reason, we prefer to propose a full package of solutions that are not limited to the supply of machines and products limited to a specific work phase, but instead take into account a general evaluation of the entire production process.

Most often, the proposal was mainly focused to a high or low auotmation machines and a plating solution, without “really” communicating to the jeweller that electroforming is a complex production cycle, made of several operative steps with such criticalities that, not being approached with a wide vision of the process, generally lead to poor productivity and poor quality results or, in some cases, to definitely drop out from the project.

In line with our mission, AUROFORM SYSTEM is the proposal that, in addition to the supply of the necessary equipment and products, gives customers the choice to verify in practice the validity of the technology they are approaching and on which they are investing.

Jewellery & watch electroforming: our proposal.

That’s why NUTEC International makes available a team of specialists who can support the customer since the design of the part and train the personnel not only on the gold alloy electrodeposition, but also on the other steps like:

  • casting,
  • pre-treatment,
  • emptying and cleaning,
  • annealing and top-coating.

NUTEC International can fulfil the different customer needs, differentiating the supply based on the evaluation of the existing level of manufacturing capabilities and, hence, can accordingly propose:

  • a key-on-hand installation for the companies approaching this technique for the first time;
  • a supervision of the existing production line, taking specific actions in order to improve the quality (aspect, carat, weights, etc.) and/or the productivity of the items;
  • the supply of AUROFORM MONOLITH machine and the proper chemistry.

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