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NUTEC is a young company, but the acquired experience in the field has made us more and more convinced that one of the fundamental pillars in partnering with the customers is to transfer them the necessary knowledge to guarantee their operational independence.
Once we have demonstrated the accomplishment of the targeted objective, our mission is to enable the customers to obtain that result every working day of the year, and with their own resources.
Our company avails of technicians not only able to deliver experience and competence in carrying out an agreed project, but also possessing the ability to transfer to the customers that particular sensitivity which is vital to thoroughly acquire the knowledge and improve it with the time.For this reason, our aim is to propose well-structured, solutions, not limited to the mere supply of machines and products focused to a specific working phase, but keeping into account a general evaluation of the whole manufacturing process.

What happened in the past with reference to the electroforming of carat gold or silver hollow jewellery is a clear example of how a inadequate technical proposal has created a lot of mistrust in this technology by the side of customers. Very often, the proposal was mostly concentrated to a, more or less, automatic machines and a plating solution, without “really” communicating to the jeweller that electroforming is a complex production cycle, made of several operative steps with such criticalities that, not being approached with a wide vision of the process, generally lead to poor productivity and quality results or, in some cases, to definitely abandoning the project. In line with our mission, AUROFORM SYSTEM is the proposal that, in addition to the supply of the necessary equipment and products, gives customers the choice to verify in practice the validity of the technology they are approaching, with a related consistent investment.


If you are seriously thinking at fantasy jewellery and watch electroforming, AUROFORM system is the most advanced reality for producing at industrial level high quality items!
AUROFORM PLUS is the maximum expression of how the recent electroforming technology can help you, ensuring:

  • unparalleled precision of weight and carat required;
  • fine-tuned management of NUFORM electrolytes;
  • reduced maintenance cost, thanks to automated servicing operations;
  • operator friendship, with remote control too;

in order to guarantee production consistency and flexibility, together with machine durability.

But we know that the electroforming step is just one of the critical aspects in the hollow jewellery production process. That’s why NUTEC International have created a team of specialists who can support the customer since the design of the part and train the personnel not only on the gold alloy deposit build-up, but also on the other steps like casting, pre-treatment, emptying, cleaning, annealing and, if necessary, top-coating.

We have a simple but ambitious target: guarantee to the customer the final result, by delivering, together with materials, the necessary technical knowledge to achieve it.

NUTEC International can fulfil the different customer needs, differentiating the supply based on the evaluation of the existing level and, hence, can accordingly propose:

  • a key-on-hand installation for the companies approaching this technique for the first time;
  • a supervision of the existing production line, taking specific actions in order to improve the quality (aspect, carat, weights, etc.) and/or the productivity of the items;
  • the supply of AUROFORM PLUS machine and the proper NUFORM chemistry.

To be present at international level, we are building a partnership network that will cover, besides Europe, Middle East, India and South East Asia.
Our aim is to sell technology together with competence, in order to bring the customer to CONSISTENTLY obtain




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