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Precious metals electrolytic finishing processes

An easy and useful guide to precious metals electrolytic finishing processes

Most people associate precious metals with jewellery and other valuable items like watches. Have you ever wondered how these metals are actually bonded to certain products?

We use a process known as precious metal plating to make the metal adhere to a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, copper alloys (e.g. brass or bronze) and zinc diecast, used for fashion accessories as well as innovative costume jewellery manufacturing.

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Precious metal plating makes it possible to promote a series of tested and qualified products. This is ideal for the demanding branch of decorative electroplating. Our highly skilled team is committed in precious metals electrolytic finishing electrolytes and processes.

Electrolytes are available to deposit most of the precious metals and their alloys. It’s quite a complicated process which requires putting the substrate into a proprietary chemical solution. The precious metals electrolytic finishing processes also involve the feeding of an electrical current into the solution to deposit the metal onto the substrate.

Our precious metals electrolytic finishing processes include a complete range of precious finishes for luxury items. These items are associated with manufacturing and the general decorative industry. Many of these metals, or their combination, offer superior resistance against corrosion, wear and tear.

Precious metals finishing is also the best choice for many industrial as well as manufacturing operations. The precious metals electrolytic finishing processes we implement, offer the best quality and great value for money. Contact us!

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