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Satin Silver Electroforming

The Process of Satin Silver Electroforming: Basic Facts you Need to Know

The process of satin silver electroforming is a fascinating one. This is an electroforming process that uses alkaline electrolytes to produce satin silver finish on products such as miniature idols, or jewellery items such as necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, etc.

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Nusilform SF satin silver electroforming process

Nusilform SF satin silver electroforming process is a cyanide-free electrolyte used to produce silver jewellery, idol miniatures and other decorative accessories. What are the general silver electroforming process requirements for successful electroforming outcomes?

  • Superior ductility at high thicknesses
  • High deposit brightness
  • Whiteness at all current density area

Nusilform SF, beyond the above-mentioned characteristics, can produce objects that have an “opalescent” finish. This means that, where Nusilform silver electroformng process gives to jewellery items and accessories a glossy finish, the SF version of Nusilform has an opalescent finish that is very appreciated in products such as furnishings and idols (e.g. miniature elephants, Buddhas, etc.).

Nuclag satin silver electroplating process

Nuclag is an electrolytic process that produces fine satin silver finishes on jewellery products. Nuclag electrolytes could either be cyanide-based or cyanide-free, depending on customer requirement.

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