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Electroforming and decorative finishing

Electroforming and Decorative Finishing: Understanding and Knowing the Basics

Nobiform is a cyanide-based bronze electroforming process that is used for electroforming of costume jewellery and fashion accessories. Its main differentiating feature is that it gives a yellow-redish bronze deposit that is ductile at any desired thickness.

Electroforming with Nobiform, to produce hollow objects, enables to reduce the weight of the parts, thereby giving the appropriate weight to to metal accessories, like e.g. chains for women bags, that are usually plain and, thus, too heavy to be worn.

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Nobicot, on the other hand is a process system that is used to prepare zinc die-cast (zamak) accessories before finishing. It gives a big advantage in the finishing of the zinc die-cast parts, allowing them to be easily welded, when normally it’s not possible.

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Precious Metal Processes and Systems for Electroforming and Decorative Finishing

During the process of electroforming and decorative finishing, an electrolytic process occurs for jewellery finishes. These electrolytes help in depositing metals or metal alloys (silver, gold, bronze and other fine metals) and obtain finished products such as fashion accessories, jewellery and watch parts.

There are different types of finishes. Nurhod, for instance, is an extremely white rhodium finish. Nuloy is a low carat gold plating electrolyte either used as an underlayer or a top-coat finish.

Auroform Monolith Equipment used in the process of Electroforming

Auroform Monolith is a machine that has been developed as an automatic one for the process of electroforming. It is used for gold alloy electroforming and is well known in the market for the production of high quality, hollow parts for jewellery and watches, as well as miniature idols and statues.

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