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Electroforming expertise & competence, electroforming training & know-how

Electroforming expertise & competence, electroforming training & know-how

Nutec is a young innovative company that can give your business a helping hand with electroforming expertise & competence.

If you are in the world of jewellery manufacturing and choose to buy one of their machines, you can take advantage of all their electroforming competence. You don’t just buy the machine you also buy their electroforming training & know-how.

Electroforming is a complex process involving several steps. It is not easy. In the past, some manufacturers abandoned the process due to lack of knowledge of what is involved, which is a great shame. With fuller knowledge this need never happen.

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With Nutec and its fine machines and expertise, customers are able to verify the technology for themselves and understand everything that is involved in successful electroforming. With the right machines and training, automatic industrial electroforming creates a situation where you can repeat results with precision and save gold in the process.

It is electroforming that works. It is reliable time after time. With the right machinery and the right electroforming training & know-how you can make a consistent investment and then reap the benefits in your business.

AUROFORM MONOLITH and electroforming expertise & competence

Electroforming expertise & competence, electroforming training & know-how

Nutec are the manufacturers of the AUROFORM MONOLITH, an unrivalled automatic machine. It is the most advanced machine in gold alloy electroforming. It is used all over the world in jewellery and watch-making.

With the machine comes all the Nutec electroforming training & know-how and their network of partnerships in many areas around the world. These professional partners boast a wealth of experience. The technology, combined with this experience and training, helps you realise your dreams. It is all part of Nutec’s electroforming expertise & competence.

The AUROFORM MONOLITH allows you to deposit a variable amount of metal during one process, varying from 250 to 1500 grams of alloy. The machine has superb weighing accuracy compared to automatic systems of the past and is a great deal more precise than them. With this machine and the Nutec electroforming training & know-how, you have greater production flexibility and also ensure that the desired carat is obtained.

This means you are saving gold at the same time. It all helps your business move towards total efficiency.

NUCLEAN PRO and electroforming training & know-how

You have the same back-up and electroforming training & know-how when it comes to using NUCLEAN PRO.

The automation software covers all the different stages of the process: monitoring the cleaning, giving precise product recipes and treatment times, monitoring the operating conditions and disposal of used cleaning solutions. The electroforming expertise & competence are all part of the Nutec deal. That is how it is.

In fact, the NUCLEAN PRO process is fully automated. Metal residues must also be removed with a mix of acids from the mandrel on which the jewellery or jewellery components are placed. With this machine it is all done in safe conditions with no risk to the operator. It used to be a much riskier business.


Everything can be viewed through the windows giving the operator total safety and protection from dangerous fumes. The cleaning chemicals are also pumped in and out of the tanks automatically. They are controlled from the main panel.

It is all part of Nutec’s electroforming expertise & competence, contact us now.

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